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"Sorry" by Beck & Justin Meldal-Johnsen & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Bootlegs from last night’s show already abound!  I just got back home to So Cal from attending it up in Nor Cal.  The show was great—Beck and the guys were having a blast, you could tell.  The set was a good mix of his entire career, a few covers, 4 new songs, and 3 Song Reader songs.  Since this is a Song Reader blog, that’s what I’ll share here.  :)

(But before I turn to those, I’ll just say: the new songs seem amazing.  Seriously amazing.  Beck, don’t let this album slip away.)

Beck did 3 Song Reader songs, I think in preparation for tonight’s Song Reader event in San Francisco.  His choices were “Sorry,” “Heaven’s Ladder,” and “Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard.”  I’ll start here tonight with this video of “Sorry,” which I think came off really well and I like the somewhat sped-up tempo of it.  Also Beck sang it beautifully.

They didn’t stretch the arrangements very much on the SR songs—it was a simple set-up of just acoustic guitar, bass, piano and a drum machine so they couldn’t get too wild.  (Maybe in the future with a full band?!) 

I’ll get to the other two later, but they’re around if you want to see them (various websites have already linked them like Stereogum etc.)

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