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The Beck Bootleg Pile #1: June 26, 2001 - Brixton Academy, London England

One thing I’ve been needing to do is to go through my pile of Beck concert tapes and cd-rs and downloads.  So whenever I do, I thought I’d try to share some of them here.


The first one I grabbed today is a bootleg from June 26, 2001 in London.  It was the second of two nights at the Brixton Academy, and an hour of the show was broadcast on the BBC.  (That hour is all I have on the bootleg.)  The sound quality is very good because of the broadcast, but I won’t pretend it’s the most exciting show ever.  But naturally, it has some things worth highlighting.  And turns out a bunch of the videos are floating around the web!  Enjoy!

Beck - Acoustic Blues 6-26-2001 Brixton by becklos

2001 was a light year for Beck, but in the summer he got most of his Midnite Vultures band back together and went out and hit a ton of the European festivals.  There were a handful of side shows and this was one of them.  Because there was no album to promote, they played a lot of different things: blues, Bowie, some random One Foot songs, stuff like that.

Beck - Diamond Dogs Brixton Academy by becklos

My favorite song here is probably this “Milk & Honey”:

Beck - Milk and Honey Brixton Academy by becklos

Beck’s band here was:

Justin Meldal-Johnsen - bass
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - keys
Lyle Workman - guitar/banjo
Victor Indrizzo - drums
Jon Birdsong, David Brown, David Ralicke - The Brass Menagerie
Johari Funches-Perry, Glenys Rogers - backup vocals

Nikka Costa opened the show (who would later marry Justin Stanley, Beck’s guitarist in 2005-2006).

Full band “Nobody’s Fault”s are always a joy to hear, and I wish they happened more often, especially when they were as dreamy as this:

Beck - Nobody’s Fault Brixton Academy by becklos

The BBC broadcast/bootleg was “Farewell Ride” / “Novacane” / “The New Pollution” / ‘Diamond Dogs” / “Loser” / “Milk & Honey” / “Nicotine & Gravy” / “Beautiful Way” / “Nobody’s Fault” / “Where It’s At” / “Minus” / “Sexx Laws” / “Devils Haircut”

Song Reader album

So I know I’m late on this, but first, hi!

Second, Beck is releasing an album of Song Reader songs by various famous musicians.  It will be available on iTunes tomorrow (or today in Europe), and the CD comes out tomorrow.  Vinyl comes out in a couple of months.  Buy it here.

Third, basically what happened here was last November, I went to Beck’s Song Reader concert in LA with the orchestra.  It was awesome!  But it felt like a good end point for me, after a full year of blogging all the Song Reader covers I could find.  :)  And also, Morning Phase/Beck’s tour came out afterwards and that took my attention.  

But I’m glad that Song Reader is still in Beck’s mind with this album; though I’m CERTAIN that none of the covers will be as great as what you all did.  (Even Beck’s track.)  You all are the spirit of Song Reader, not Jack White and Norah Jones.

Fourth, I may turn this tumblr into a bit more of a repository of stuff/info/things that I don’t have a place for on  I’ll try to use it more often though, for sure.

Join our facebook group if you’d like!  


the prose inside the Gimme single

A brief return here, but filling a non-Song Reader request for the text of the crazy writing inside the “Gimme” single.

In the grass,  you have this dream. It is difficult. However, I do not think so. During the day, the two of us, people at your disposal, we will have to think about it, but we know what you expect.

A highly modified dream. However, I do not know whether to wait for the ultimatum or delete. So hard to sleep on the grass. We are infinite or south, however for sale or abused. The grass is difficult to change, and we have this dream. However, I do not know. Remove my opinion. Sell in the South, Without end, therefore, it is difficult for the grass to sleep. The lawn can be difficult, highly modified, it has a dream. Waiting for an avoidable ultimatum, but you have to remove my thoughts. Whether It is possible to wait for the ultimatum, delete my opinion or remove.

Take leave, but for now, it is a dream. I believe it could be. People during the day, we and I-as a letter-isolate. Changes in the grass. But at the time it is difficult to have a dream like this. But I do not think during the day. Just people, waste, two of America-separation. I have my opinion. We know what to expect. The United States, I expect what we believe. But something also has a dream. When we say “We see people during the day, we isolate it: The waste, the United States, I hope we believe that it is. It sees us as it is on the isolated route. Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme,” making headway far into places, in almost the US, because it is you. You will see we are and I was hoping. You estimated that the harmony was. But for now, you can complete the evidence, we do not expect it, but regardless of whether you sell the idea, I have my opinion.

Therefore, what is dream cannot be changed and is very difficult in the grass. However, I do not know. South. It is possible to weather and to wait for the ultimatum. You sell, delete & quote, in my opinion. Therefore, this grass can be very difficult to change, and it is a dream. However, I do not know. To the south. You are waiting for the ultimatum available for sale, but you have to remove my thoughts. Therefore, this grass can be difficult, highly modified, it is a dream. However, I do not know. South. Your possible ultimatum, we look forward to see whether you sell to remove your thoughts. Therefore, the lawn can be difficult. highly modified, it has a dream. However, I do not know. To the south. You can complete the evidence, we do not expect, regardless of whether you sell the idea of abuse.

Therefore, it is difficult for the grass to dream. However, I do not know. In the south there is No finish, I hope. But due to the sale and abuse, we modify the infinite. Therefore, it is difficult for the grass to sleep. However, I do not know. In a South without end, hopefully, but according to sales and abuse, the infinite is a trope. Therefore, sleep is difficult, but I do not know from the south or by the hope of the infinite. However, due to abuse or selling, my belief is a trope. Therefore, to sleep on the grass is hard, but I do go south to know the hope of the infinite. However, because of the abuse, I was sold.

I do not think During the day, and quote people. I, after separation and in the backslash of we, I have my opinion, we know what to expect. See posts along the path, in the United States. That is what we believe. You have this dream, it is difficult. However, I do not think so. During the day, the two of us are people. After the separation & disposal, I, as well as we, will have to think about what we receive & what you expect. As a result, the grass is very difficult to change, & we have the dream. However, I do not know. Noon. I sell & quote.

A quote or quota, needs its approximation. A mirror in substance. The grass infests the places where it seems new. Crude, in a lifelike status, assembled before the close of the surface. On the plateau you weed the hardscape, working further into the nerve cage. Seen the desert reactions in high dust trails and valley trenches. Wide reaches spend themselves and bleed into the periphery of granulated form. A quote out of the strata, it places itself into centrifugal deep freeze and is heard in the avalanche of reported events. I know the quote is engraved. The sediment keeps it underneath the grass place and opens the idea. Before the idea eliminates, the question, rock hewn, arrives where grass ends and here emerges. Walk to the place. See the seam of there and suspend yourself to make the crossover apparent. “Lives tell you” the hardness of home or in some temporary attachment. Switch places and toggle life on beyond and wake internal. Fortified and personal as any remote possibility. The notion is the product employed to viable change factors. Sweeping statements over unintended consequences make the empty part speak for itself.

Quote or quota needed his reconciliation substances. Grass infested areas, again it seems new. Building, in a real state of the closed surface before assembly, you weed out the plateau hardscape again in the nervous cage of exhaustion. Since dust paths and valleys trenches respond to the embalming, Largest consumer and bleeding particles reach their own suburbs. Estimates show it gets deep in the crystalline core ground freezing with centrifugal motion. You don’t hear an avalanche shift. I know that quote engraved, sediment remains under the grass, the idea of ancestors to open up the idea to eliminate the worms, lain on the grass cut at both ends, where the problem occurs. Walk to the scene. See the seam and pause their significant cross. “Life, you say” live or in some temporary area of hardness. Switching and switching to later life and the internal clock. Walled and personal connection to any remote possibility. Product concept is feasible for employees in rain containment, the driving forces of change. Unintended consequences, a blank part of the general statements, speak for themselves.

Or you need to quote a settlement item for quota review. Grass infested area looks like new. Closed surface of the boardroom wall, before it is built with the actual intent of impenetrability. You are nervous in the cage of the plateau, a fence weed. Depending on the valley and the dust trail of the trench, in the suburbs, large particles reach consumers and are bleeding. The assumption, this avalanche of centrifugal freezing and crystallization is moving to hear the cry of deep space. Turn the dail to the engraved quote, or the geologic remote control, “you know the hay cut grass at both ends builds on the sediment and factors into the renewal.” Problems are the ideas to eliminate the idea. Please walk from the scene. With reference to cross-seam, break them. “Life, you.” Says in some of the stiffness of strains of living, switching to the internal clock and life. The personal connection to the city walls and remote possibility of any is available to drive the power of the change in the concept of the product. Unintended consequences—the empty part of the general statements speak for themselves.

Or you need a quote for quota regulation. Grass area infested, like new. Closed surface of the boardroom, and the state before it is real. Nervous your fence cage betrays your state gradually. Depending on the Valley trail and dirt from the trench, in the suburbs animals, large particles, will reach people with bleeding. You need this avalanche of changes and intensity, centrifugal and moving in space, a bottomless pit. If I turn the dial, quote the engraving, “you know you can cut grass hay at both ends to reduce the problems, with strategies to eliminate the idea.” Please walk in you. With reference to the Cross-stitching, the violators say “Life, is you.” That in some of the changes, the internal clock and life mark the personal connection to the wall and the remote retreat from the city. If the drive and power of the change in concept of the product has the unintended consequences of the general statement, then the absent life is the result in itself. Regulations speak for themselves.

Or, I attach a cover that requires a quote. Infested lawn area, such as new contaminations, the State of real pause before and after the surface of the circuit board in the Neural fence cage. You lower the ashtray gradually. By dirt courts and valleys from the south, big particles, the animal, suburban and bleeding, in humans terms make changes in the intensity of the mobile centrifuge and this landslide of buyers, bottomless. When Rings I quote carved, you know the hay cut at both ends to reduce the problem, a strategy for eliminating the idea. You go. I respect the needle in it-a wide range of violations. At the stage of the internal clock “life, you.” Subsume or change, with some of the stiffness. From the city, in the distance, the individual is connected to the wall. If changes in the power and drive of product perception continue, unintended consequences, some of Rick’s general statement forms a logic of its own.

Or do I need a company? New lawn area of the pain, near the actual circuit board and the state level, before the break, as more and more nervous fence grows around the perimeter and forms a municipal cage, you lower the ashtray. Powder coat this valley home. Human, animal, large particles, suburban, mobile carriers, centrifuge buyers and sliding the intensity and depth bleeding. You go. Built at the level of “life.” You change, some serious city distance, the individual is connected to the wall. Products will change the perception of energy and drive. Unexpected results, a general statement from Rick.

I need company with Rick on this new lawn area of pain. The actual circuit board and the state levels break before the investigation reports its findings, as more and more nervous electric fence energy from the cage unfurls itself around the perimeter. How do you Powder coat these valley homes? Human, animal, large particles, suburban, mobile buyers, sliding the intensity and depth on a wide range of violations. Built at the level of “life,” you or I change some serious structure. In city distance, the individual is connected to the wall. Products will change the perception of energy and drive. Unexpected provisions and a general statement from Rick… “you know, cut hay at both ends to reduce the problem, a strategy for eliminating the idea.” There’s a State of real pause before the surface of the circuit board. A Neural fence cage by dirt courts and valley tracts, from the grove to the promenade. Animal suburban sounds bleeding in humans. Then there is the worst of all the dimensions obtained. Until then, he said workers in the destruction of the temple were convicted Saturday. I’m sick. see a sugar rush surprise does not matter if you choose negligence. So we can surf in poverty.

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"You have many sizes currently in the United States," the newspaper said. We heard from clients that you do not have many of the various gravity requirements. That’s how they triumphed over temporality. The grass works towards the gap of knowing and figures out its expectations. Sitting in a vacuum with all bets off. Fake amalgamations of workflow leave it categorized in absentia. Lightweight magna carta of this non moment.

You get the worst of it from all sides. Superfluous non moment far away from our migrations, I have a dream. I think that it is. It sees with derision and is as we are, we are, we have our people on the route isolated. Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme. In almost the US, because it is, because you will see we were vainly hoping. Therefore it is not what we think. If you estimated that the harmony is so far from me, but also has a dream, I believe that there are worse consequences. When we say “We see people during the day,” we are, and I am. If I write a letter and mark it for the path, it wakes itself in the IT waste, the United States I hope, we believe that it is not.

Leaving from moving, but for now, it is a dream for me. I believe it would be. People during the day quote: We we we, and I. Me is a letter I isolate. Changes in the grass, but at the time, which is difficult to have a dream like this. But I do not think. During the day people dream wastes of two of America. I, after separation and we, have an opinion. We know what to expect. And so I will have to think about the grass, but we know what you expect. 

"I’m Down" by Beck

I’m still here!  I just needed a bit of a break after doing this all year long, I guess.  What pulled me out of my break is the announcement today that there will be a Song Reader concert in Los Angeles later this month!  Big stars, Beck will be there, and hopefully so will I!

So where did I leave off?  I guess there’s a couple more Barbican tracks here for you, all starring Beck himself.  He did two solo songs, and I already shared his “Don’t Act.”  He followed that up with this “I’m Down.”  He seems to play “I’m Down” slightly differently every time, and this one feels bluesy and made even more so when he tacks on a slight “One Foot In The Grave” harmonica jam at the end.

artist: Beck

"Last Night You Were A Dream" by Max Miller

Got a little swamped lately, and am falling behind.  But I’ll make a quick return right now with the last of Max’s album, “Last Night You Were A Dream” which he takes in a sort of Kraftwerk robot direction—not a turn I expected! 

Definitely be sure to go to his bandcamp and listen to his whole album as a full piece!  It’s better that way.  :)  I’ll get Max over in the hall of fame soon!  Also for fun, here’s Max’s new cover of Beck’s last single “Gimme.”

artist: Max Miller

"When You Are Sleeping, You Know I’ll Be There (In The Yard)" by Unplugged70

And with this track, John has finished every song or fragment in Song Reader!  61 songs in all, in less than a year.  He always brought these songs a Beck-like mix of humor and drama.  And as John has emailed me as he finished tracks, I can attest that he was just as excited by each one.  I get the sense that in no way did this ever feel like a chore for him.  That’s the power of Song Reader!

I also know John has been really supportive of everyone’s versions in here.  He may have been the first to do a lot of these, but he can’t wait to hear the 2nd and 3rd and 4ths (same here!).

Anyway, he told me that Beck’s little lyric/melody on this one suggested something pretty dark, and he used it to close on a song about “the redemptive power of music, sort of.”  

artist: Unplugged70

"Won’t You Fondle Me?" by Unplugged70

Somehow I left this off my master list in John’s hall of fame post over there on the right… and when I went to add it, I could not find the post either.  So either I missed it when it happened, or I mis-tagged it, or Tumblr ate my post the first time.  Either way, here it is again!  :)  

There’s a couple of Song Reader fragments I’m dying to hear Beck do, and this is one of them, haha.

artist: Unplugged70

"Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard" by Beck

So to close out the Barbican show, Beck performed five Song Reader shows!  The first is this version of “Don’t Act.”  This is one of the few Song Reader songs Beck had been performing prior to this show, so he is more familiar with it and I think that shows.   Before this, Beck’s versions of “Don’t Act” had been minimal—usually drum machine and one or two other musicians only.  But on this night, the song feels more aggressive; a strong rock arrangement.  He is using the house band as backing—they don’t show up in the video I’ve chosen here, but you can see them in some of the other ones on Youtube. 

artist: Beck

"Why Did You Make Me Care?" by Portland School Of Rock & Portland Cello Project

Returning to the awesome Song Reader collaboration between Portland School Of Rock and the Portland Cello Project, next up is their “Why Did You Make Me Care?”  Usually this song ends up somewhat dreamy, and they maintain that here, but there’s also a little gypsy rock in the middle break there.  I love this show!

artists: Portland Cello Project & Portland School Of Rock
School Of Rock
Cello Project

"Title Of This Song" by Amy Regan

So I’m sure you all remember Amy—last December she organized and starred in one of the first Song Reader concerts.  She was a part of a couple of more official events with Beck, also.  Amy has finished off her Song Reader experience by recording 3 of the songs and releasing them!

This one I’m sharing above is “Title Of This Song.”  You can listen to the EP on her website, but I also encourage everyone to purchase it on iTunes!  She was a big part of whatever success Song Reader has had.  And as an independent artist, let’s support her.  :)  Go see her perform if she’s near you too, she’s great in person!

artist: Amy Regan
iTunes link
a review

"Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings" by The Staves

Next up on our Barbican show is this gorgeous rendition of “Dollar Bills” by the group of sisters, The Staves.  I wasn’t familiar with them before this, but I really enjoyed their style here.  Along with Jarvis Cocker’s song, this has been one of my favorites of the evening!

And the next few songs from the Barbican show (I’ve been posting in order, slowly) will all be performances by Beck.  :)  Finally at the main part of the show!

artist: The Staves

"I Know We Just Met (But I’ve Been Following You For A While)" by Paul Lambeek

Next up for Paul, as he gets closer to finishing all the fragments, is this charming stalker anthem, “I Know That We Just Met.”  If you feel like being less disconcerted by the sentiment, I guess it could also be about following someone on Twitter.  

Also I don’t have one specifically in mind on this one, but I’ve noticed that a great deal of Paul’s fragments remind me of Pink Floyd.  His great arrangements, like this one, tend to similar instruments and mellowness as Floyd uses I think.

artist: Paul Lambeek

"I Dug Through Your Trash, OK?" by Unplugged70

I was trying to think what song this reminds me of, and then I looked at the note that says the video is from a film called Inferno.  Beck’s “Inferno”!  Not that John raps or goes all schizo like Beck’s “Inferno,” but there’s a similar riff and aggression and a sort of ’60s vibe mixed with a more modern beat.  I’m probably stretching this comparison, but my point is: both rip.

artist: Unplugged70

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